How to Get Picture-Based Reminders on Your Apple Watch

Having a picture-based alarm reminder on your phone or tablet can work well for people who can’t read. But carrying a mobile device in your hand while you’re working can be a problem. If you have an Apple Watch, there’s an app that can help. It’s called PhotoMind (

This $2.99 app for your iPhone sends photographic reminders to your Watch, as long as your phone is within Bluetooth range. But to make it work there are a few settings that need to be configured first. Here’s what you need to do:

First, download the PhotoMind app to your iPhone. There is no separate Watch app, and no icon for PhotoMind will show up on your watch face. That’s okay, don’t worry.  The app itself is really easy to use. You can take a picture with your phone’s camera of anything you want to use as a reminder. For instance, of a water bottle if you want to remember to hydrate during the day. You can set repeating daily or weekly reminders linked to your pictures, so once you set a day’s worth of reminders, you can tag them to repeat the next day.

Okay, so once the app is set up on your phone, you’re supposed to turn the phone off completely and then back on again, to make sure the app connects to your Watch.  Then go to Settings on your iPhone and select Notifications. Scroll down to the PhotoMind app and make sure all switches are on, as shown below, and that Banners is selected at bottom of screen.

Now go to the Apple Watch app on the iPhone and open it. The top of the screen will say “My Watch”. Scroll down to Notifications and tap that. Scroll to PhotoMind and make sure the reminder is mirrored from phone to watch, as shown below:

Now go back to the Watch and swipe up from the bottom of screen to make sure everything there is grayed out. (If anything is highlighted, the link to your phone won’t work.)

Okay, now at last you’re set up and good to go. Test it out. Just keep in mind that the alarm reminder is not very loud on the watch. The watch will ping and vibrate but if you’re in a busy environment, you may miss it.

One last thing, the developer of this app, Koedal, continues to support it. I emailed for advice on how to set up my Watch and received an immediate helpful response. These days, when so many orphan apps are failing, it’s good to know that.



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