How Does Your Program Work?

In the Richmond, Virginia area we provide a free initial screening interview, typically conducted in your home at your convenience.  If we feel that our approach may be helpful, we will then recommend a formal assessment and intervention plan and collaborate with you to set measurable and time-limited functional goals.  Typically we see our clients for 5-10 weekly or bi-weekly sessions, meeting in their homes or other appropriate community sites, to implement the tools needed to support functional independence.  For people living outside our region, we may able to provide consultation remotely.

What do you charge for your services?

We are currently a private pay only provider.  Initial screening interviews are provided without charge.  Our formal assessment and treatment plan costs $500, payable on delivery.  Therapy visits (typically one hour each) cost $100/hour and are invoiced at the end of the month.  (Round-trip travel time from our office to your site is charged at a $20/hour rate.)

Assistive technologies may be provided on loan during the treatment window.  If you find they are useful, we can provide them at retail cost, or will provide a product list so that you can acquire them yourself for ongoing use.

How many treatment visits can we expect?

We can usually complete our work within 5-10 visits.